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Corporate Partners

Ninepoint Digital Assets Group

Video: Ninepoint Partners & Prophecy DeFi

Ninepoint Partners launched its digital asset group in early 2021. It is headed by Alex Tapscott who also chairs the Prophecy DeFi Advisory Committee. The Ninepoint Digital Assets Group launched its Bitcoin ETF (TSX:BITC) in January 2021, thereby creating a simple, secure ETF for investors looking to gain portfolio exposure to Bitcoin through a recognized exchange. Ninepoint offsets 100% of carbon emissions from its Bitcoin investments, therefore making BITC the world’s first carbon-neutral Bitcoin investment option.

As of April 28, 2021, Prophecy DeFi has a services agreement with Ninepoint Partners, through the Ninepoint Digital Asset Group division. Ninepoint Partners manages over $8 billion in assets and is one of the largest independent asset management firms in Canada. As such, Ninepoint has relationships with hundreds of brokers within Canada, and we are excited to work with them in bringing exciting new assets within DeFi to market.

Ninepoint provides marketing and strategic advice and plays a key advisory role in Prophecy DeFi’s development as an emerging investor.

Blockchain Research Institute

As a member of the Blockchain Research Institute founded by Don and Alex Tapscott in 2017 Prophecy DeFi has access to cutting-edge research and a network of high profile partners such as IBM, Bell, and Deloitte. With our partnership with the Blockchain Research Institute we are able to further highlight the talent and unique technology of the companies within our portfolio.

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